God on Monday Night Football

10 11 2008

It’s funny how politicians can be mocked for their public faith, or how one would NEVER expect to hear a high-powered CEO or something mentioning his relationship with Jesus as a reason for their solid business plan and quarterly earnings.  Yet sports seem to always give God a chance.  

Sure, there’s the short huddle-prayers after a win, and yes, in baseball you may have a player make the sign of the cross before batting or after a particularly good defensive play.  But when a marquee player takes it upon himself to discuss God after a game (be it a good one or a bad one, although you do seem to hear it more after the good ones. 🙂 ) it’s pretty significant, and never ceases to amaze and motivate me.

After a nail-biter of a game (which really shouldn’t havve been such) Kurt Warner’s Arizona Cardinals squeaked past the San Francisco 49ers (led by interim coach, Bears legend, and noted Christian, Mike Singletary).  And during the quick, post-game-thoughts interview with the winning quarterback, Kurt was asked what winning a game like this felt like, and his quote was:

Well, it reminds me that God is awesome, and how blessed I am for the position I am in… 

Yes, Kurt Warner makes a lot of money, and yes, he’s high off a win.  Of course, it’s an easy place to feel blessed.  And taken at simple face value, it’s got the same conviction as “I’m going to Disney World.”  However, watching it, you really got the sense that his talk wasn’t just to sound pious or to use his position to prosthelytize.  You could really sense a true relationship and the joy that comes from that walk.  

Now, I don’t know the man, nor could I vouch for his walk as one that I’d want to emulate.  I don’t know his hidden vices, nor do I know what his secret desires or sins may be.  But when one has such a love for Christ that in the middle of a situation (especially in the NFL) where one is constantly praised for one’s own efforts, and for one’s own skills (especially Mr. Warner, who has had an AMAZING season so far), it’s so refreshing to hear him speak from a place of humility and a place where he recognizes the sovreignty of God, and that every moment is His, and that Kurt Warner only is allowed by God to live within that moment; that it is a gift to be cherished, rather than some trophy that was earned through skill alone.

I would hope that I would exude that kind of pride in my relationship with Christ.  Paul said it best (and I’m paraphrasing) that he would boast in nothing, except (in his case, his weaknesses) to glorify Christ.  I don’t think I quite make that grade yet.  But I aspire to it.  How about you?




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