Justification. (A Conversation with myself)

10 11 2008

ME: So, why start a blog?

ME: Why not?  I read blogs.  I like reading blogs.  I think I have something to say.

ME: Like what?

ME: I dunno…perhaps gaming stuff?

ME: That’s cool.  But you don’t have money to buy new games.  So you wouldn’t exacly be current or something…

ME: Good point.  Well, what else do I know something about that may be interesting to peeps?

ME: Let me get back to you on that.  Katherine is getting up again.

ME: THAT’S IT!!!  I’ll write about being a parent and a gamer!

ME: You mean GamerDad?

ME: (sigh) yeah, I guess that’s already taken, huh?

ME: Yup.

ME: Well, I could write about God too.

ME: But you’re not exactly a pastor or someone with a lot of knowlege.  You don’t want to lead anyone astray…

ME: True, but it may be useful for people to know what I go through.  You know?  So they know their existence is not one of solitude.  An ‘other people go through these things too’ kinda thing, ya know?

ME: That’s fine… What about combining it?

ME: What do you mean?

ME: Well, you want to write about what you know, so you write about what makes you, well…you.

ME: Go on.

ME: Well, you’re definitely a gamer.

ME: ‘natch.

ME: And you’re also a volunteer as well as a staff member at your church.

ME: Yeah.

ME: And you are a dad.

ME: Yeah.

ME: So…..

ME: Is that interesting?  I mean, seriously… will people want to read about that?

ME: I dunno.  You probably won’t post more than a couple months anyway.

ME: Tru dat, boo.

—- END  —




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