Left 4 Dead – Soooo Excited.

10 11 2008


So, those of you who follow enthusiast press sites like 1UP.com, IGN, or subscribe to Game Informer (why?), EGM, or the defunct Games For Windows Official Magazine, or even follow sites like Wired.com, probably have heard of, and are likely excited for Left 4 Dead.

(trailer, as well as my thoughts, after the jump)


For those of you not in the know, here’s the game:

You play one of four main characters, all trying to escape a zombie-infested city.  Teamwork is of the utmost importance in this game, as there is no way you can survive alone.   Your objective is to get across the city to a designated helicopter pad to be lifted out.

In an alternate gameplay mode, you can also play as one of three (I believe) different zombie “elites” that have special abilities, to hinder other players.

Obviously, this game will only be really useful online, through cooperative play.

I’m not certain my own system can even handle this game, so I’m excited to try out the demo, to see if my computer can handle this anywhere near a good graphical level.  If not, I’ll just have to wait until finances allow for a much needed computer upgrade.

It’s also a hard purchase to justify because I know this game will definitely be too scary to play around the kids, so it will be a late-night thing only.  Also, the violence in this game is certain to be pretty heavy, over the top stuff.  And it genuinely looks to be an extremely scary experience as well.

It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but the co-op nature is extremely intriguing for me, and the early reviews and previews have only gotten better and better as the game gets closer to its November 18th release.

Also, Xbox 360 owners: The game’s coming out there too.  While I’m certain that Mouse/Keyboard is definitely the way to go on this one, I’m sure those of you good with shooters will figure this one out too.  I’m curious to see your thoughts on this game, after its launch.




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