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10 11 2008

So, I’m a big podcast fan.  Actually, let me preface this with this statement: I used to be a talk radio fan.  WGN (720AM) to be specific.

So, when audio podcasts came along, I was right on board with the discussion formats, with the length of shows (up to one hour as a standard), and more importantly, I was excited about the topics, because the topics were things that would NEVER be covered on traditional radio.

Video gaming was a huge beneficiary to this genre of entertainment, as enthusiast sites and amateurs began to produce some great material, as well as develop a ‘signature voice’ and, by extension, a following attuned to that voice.

So, without further ado, allow me to list a couple podcasts that I frequent, as well as some reasoning behind why I think that you should listen, if you do not already… (Note: All of these podcasts are available through iTunes, but I will direct you to their main page or RSS pages.)


1UP Yours – This long-standing, well structured podcast from the folks that bring you 1UP.com and EGM do a great job at bringing you the details that they couldn’t possibly get you in magazine format, as well as some cool afterthoughts that are often missing from the gaming press.  What I mean by this, is that many times, games are covered in previews and then extensively in reviews, but then forgotten.  While Yours doesn’t avoid this entirely, it does a good job of getting thoughts as they continue to play a game, even after the review is out in the public.  Add to this their very knowledgable and experienced staff, and you’ve got a podcast that really helps you get into the very pulse of the gaming industry.  However, it’s a huge podcast, often going over 2 hours.  Great for doing chores, or while at work, but not for “just before bed” because you’ll never get there. 🙂  WARNING: SWEARING ABOUNDS IN THIS PODCAST!

GoNintendo Podcast – The gang at GoNintendo really does a great job of maintaining their “fanboy” cred, as well as keeping their blogger reputation, by keeping a well-structured, yet very fun and off-the-cuff style of presentation.  You really get to know the personality of these people.  This is more useful than a lot of podcasts because when you find that you associate your gaming style with someone, you’re more likely to take their reviews more to heart.  This is most definitely the case here.  There’s at least one person on staff over at GoNintendo to align with, at least partially.  And the podcast is worth it for the “guess the game by the music” section, at the end, alone.  Very fun stuff.  Podcasts usually last around 1 hour to 1 and a half hours. (CLEAN PODCAST, WITH SOME INNUENDO)

Retronauts – Another 1UP franchise, Retronauts does for retro games (pretty much anything PSOne and earlier), what most podcasts do for modern games.  Usually a bit more topical, this podcast explores what us old folks loved (and hated) about the previous console generations’ games and hardware.  Very fun stuff, and often informative.  WARNING: SWEARING IS IN THIS PODCAST OFTEN AS WELL (although usually not as much as 1UP Yours).  This podcast usually clocks in at about 1 hour.


Let My People Think (RZIM) – This podcast by Ravi Zaccharias International Ministries takes Ravi’s very intelligent sermons and places them online.  They usually last only about half an hour (as they’re simply the broadcast spots hosted online).  This is good for short-form stuff, but also can be annoying if you’ve got time for the entire message, and have to break it up.  But overall, this is one of the few straight-up sermon podcasts I check out regularly.

KJ-52 Podcasts – KJ-52 is a christian rapper.  That alone could turn some of you off, but he’s a genuinely interesting guy, and for someone who is at least quasi-famous, he’s humble and very insightful when it comes to God and teens’ struggles.  Occasionally he’ll post video, as well as some sermons (always good).

Ignite! Podcasts – Well, I wouldn’t be a blogger if I wasn’t self-serving once in a while. 🙂 This is the podcast of Parkview Community Church’s high school group, Ignite!. Pastor Glenn Westburg gives the sermons, and I add the bump music and intros. I think Glenn has an amazing God-given talent for speaking to students, and he also speaks well to me as well. I find the sermons very challenging and interesting, and I think that perhaps you will too…check it out.


Diggnation – If you follow tech, then you know about digg.com.  If you know about digg.com, then you know about diggnation.  It’s a highly irreverent show about tech.  It’s got good stories, and is often funny, but beware because the topics and language are very often not safe for many public places.  WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE

CrankyGeeks – John C. Dvorak has been writing about the tech industry since there was no tech industry, pretty much.  So he gets a couple people to discuss the most recent tech stories in a roundtable format.  Very good discussion most of the time, and funny too.  If you’re a geek, you’ll dig it.


This American Life (NPR) – This is just one of those ones where if you haven’t listened yet, you simply have to, for at least two or three episodes.  It’s a straight port from the radio show, and it takes simple stories (most real, some fiction) of what it means to live in America, from the economy, to being an Iraq war vet, to living with revenge to all sorts of things.  And it does so in an amazing storytelling way that I simply cannot describe.  It’s excellent and one of the best things out there in terms of broadcast media.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! (NPR) – If you liked old panel game shows (Match Game, To Tell the Truth, etc.) and you are interested in following the Offbeat style of news, then this is a show for you.  Showcasing the funniest of the week’s news, this game show allows people to call in to win the ultimate prize of Karl Castle’s, (the announcer) voice on their home answering machine/voicemail.  It’s so funny, I laugh out loud almost every time. 🙂

Izzy Video – This is just a personal favorite because of my amateur videographer status.  Israel Hyman creates these video tutorials for shooting and editing better home video for families or for projects.  He uses Final Cut Pro, so if you don’t the podcasts are sometimes not as valuable as others, but his down-to-earth, assuming you need to know the basics-approach is refreshing and often very useful.  He’ll cover everything from lighting to framing a shot, as well as some technical aspects, but all in a way that’s easy to understand.  I highly recommend it.




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