Reader Poll – What Offends You in Games?

11 11 2008



3 responses

11 11 2008

Basically I would really only be offended for someone else in this case. If my young cousin saw something his parents felt was objectionable, I’d be offended after a fashion. Otherwise, my opinion is not listed in the poll, that a fun game could have any combination of those things and not offend me, but a stupid game would bother me even more if it tried to uses these things to sell.

11 11 2008

The last game I really got into was Quake. Doom was my fave of all time I would say… I haven’t gotten into PC games since then.

We love our Wii though.

12 11 2008

Karl, I tend to be the same way. Although there are time when violence can seem so unnecessarily gory or simply gratuitous that it’s just inappropriate.

Although it seems to follow the same code: If it fits, then it’s okay. But if it’s a gimmick, then it’s crap and offensive.

I still, to this day, don’t get the value in “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” by Rare. I mean seriously, who was this game targeted to? Older peeps wouldn’t be interested in the childish jokes and the cartoony world. Young kids either wouldn’t get the jokes, or their parents would take one look at the box or the game and never consider letting their kids play it again.

And Edgar, may I suggest trying out Battlefield – Heroes. ( Free and could get you back into shooters. And it will run on your rig, I guarantee ya. 🙂

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