Left 4 Dead Demo Impressions

12 11 2008
Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

Before I start with anything, this will be a work in progress.  My home computer cannot handle the game well due to only having onboard graphics as well as very low RAM.  So, my impressions will thus far be based upon the opening movie, the options, and the VERY jenky, VERY low framerate gameplay.

First off, I LOVE IT!  Even with a computer that makes it look like a one-fingered man is trying to use a flip-book to show me the game, and with all textures and resolutions on six-feet-under-low… This game is fun.  I mean really fun.

So, I cannot imagine how fast-paced things will be at full speed, and how scary things will be with full resolution.  (It was pretty scary just at crippled-flip-book speed!) But man, this game looks fun.  And when they say “you need to stick together to survive?”  Um, YOU NEED TO STICK TOGETHER TO SURVIVE!!!

The intro movie has been out for a couple days now.
And man, it’s amazing.  It offers just as much as any zombie flick I’ve ever seen, with better production quality.  Seriously, it rocks that hard.

And then the game itself (again, speaking from my very limited experience before I can try it on a better computer…) is just cool.  You are totally immersed and feel like you’re a survivor in this city, simply looking to survive and get out.  You feel elation from helping a friend escape from a smoker’s grasp, or when a teammate helps you if you get tackled and pinned down.   (All of this happened with me within the first 2 minutes of the gameplay.)

The one thing I’m surprised by, however, and I don’t know if this is the demo, or the game, is that at least on Normal difficulty, I saw a lot of the “special” zombies (Smokers, Hunters and Boomers), and I for some reason, didn’t expect them to show up as frequently as I did.  It wasn’t a bad thing, however, as it definitely ratcheted up the tension quickly.

And there is nothing I can say except that you simply must experience it yourself when the first “wave” of zombies attack.  You encounter a couple here and there to start, but when it’s 20-50 zombies just crushing in on you?  Man, that’s adrenaline!

So, while I’m not going to give this a rating until I can play it as it was intended (I need to devise what kind of scoring system I plan on using, as well), I think anyone who has a computer with a graphics card and at least 2 GB of RAM should download the demo as soon as humanly (or zombifiedly) possible.    More to come in the upcoming week.




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