Valve Hacker Escapes Justice

13 11 2008


Per a story at

Moroccan-born, German hacker, Axel Gembe, is credited with creating the software “Algobot”, a malware program that made the rounds a couple years earlier.  He is also responsible for helping leak Half-Life 2 into the wild, well before its commercial release.

However, instead of jumping through the hoops required for extradition, Valve teamed up with the FBI to attempt to lure Gembe to the United States with a job offer.

In March of this year, a group of managers at Valve faked a forty-minute interview with Gembe, and offered him an expenses-paid trip to the states, to apply in person.  Of course, this is pretty good bait for ANYONE who can code, but apparently Gembe was tipped off or smelled something foul, because he never arrived.

It is believed that he is instead hiding away in Morocco.  So the question that remains, is when is Gordon Freeman available to take him down?

(See the original story for more details.)




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