Video Game Genre Poll

16 11 2008

I’m very interested in the readership’s favorite game genres. Please feel free to choose your top three genres, and if I missed your favorite, please add it in the comments and vote other! (This poll will also help me to learn what stories you’d like to read about, so please vote honestly!) Thanks!




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16 11 2008

I am frustrated by the puzzle/casual games category. Puzzle games can be the least casual because they never get “beaten” even after hours of progress. With most other games you know there is a fixed end goal. When a game will eventually play a cutscene and roll its credits, it feels more casual. Basically, Tetris does not fall into the casual category, and neither do a few other puzzle games.

17 11 2008

I understand what you’re saying, but then again, I would say that casual falls under the broader heading of “easy to pick up and play” and most puzzle games fall under that category. You can’t just drop a noob into Fallout 3 or something like Resident Evil 4. They’ll futz around, probably kill themselves because they don’t get the camera or the mechanics, and then hand the controller back saying “this game sucks. I don’t get it.”

Whereas Tetris, has a simple set of rules, same with Wii Sports, Peggle and the like.

I understand what you’re saying, but I also think that casual gamers are less likely to try to “beat” the game, and instead simply enjoy it for whatever period of time they’re playing. Does this make sense?

17 11 2008

Yeah, and as I was typing before I started to come around, but decided to stick to my guns. I was defining casual in a weird way. I agree with you especially on the point of enjoying a game for the time period they’re playing it. It’s true, a casual gamer gets defined more by time and familiarity than by addiction to Tetris.

30 11 2011
Steven Rearing

I never thought about casual gaming in this light. Always associated games like Bejewelled and other puzzle games with the casual audience. Never considered that games like Puzzle Fighter HD and Tetris are in the same genre, but would never label them as casual games…

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