PETA’s Cooking Mama Ripoff Disses Turkey Day

18 11 2008

Personally, I don’t care much if you’re a vegetarian, a vegan, somewhere in between, or if you like meat.  I think the world needs all types and that’s fine.  However, I DO mind, (greatly, in fact,) when you push your cause on me and the world.  And if you use video games to do it, especially if you take a beloved game and twist it to your cause?  Hmmm… decide for yourself. 

Cooking Mama, after a year in the slammer...

Cooking Mama, after a year in the slammer...

Just in time for Thanksgiving, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has released a Cooking Mama rip-off that is all about “how gross it is to kill innocent turkeys”, urging us to “pledge to go veg”.  Again, if you are a vegetarian, that is awesome.  Congrats for you.  I can understand how terrible it must seem to you that I could eat an animal that at one point in time was fairly cute.  I don’t eat teddy bears for the same reason, actually.  That and the fluff just simply puts on the pounds for me.  But that’s me…

Anyway, if you dare (not for little kids, due to blood and guts…quite seriously here):  Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals!




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19 11 2008
The Truth About PETA

If you skip past the propagandha, don’t you think it’s an excellent parody? they must have spent TIME on this!

btw, I’m veg, but also middle ground, I don’t force my views on anyone, nor shirk from answering questions about the meat industry honestly, if someone were to ask..


(loving this game!!)

19 11 2008

As far as flash-based games go, it was a competent parody, certainly. However, it did kind of offend me (and I can’t say why, really…it just did) that the bowl for the turkey guts said Majesco on it (or something similar, I don’t remember if it was like a letter off or something).

But that seemed like they were indicting Majesco for their game’s content, which I found silly, because of course, being a digital thing, NO animals are harmed playing that game, and kids can “cook virtually” without having to harm an animal. So why blast the team that designed the game you’re ripping off, ya know? I just found it a little too much, overall.

I find the subject the right one for the game, certainly. But honestly, this seemed a bit too far, is all.

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