For Those About to “BARF!” We Salute You

19 11 2008

So today was another Rock Band day with friends Justin, as well as Natalie.  We had a great time, and like always, rocked it hard. 

However, after friends left, and kids were put to bed, I didn’t quite want to end my gaming night.  So I turned on the Wii, and loaded up the Virtual Console game (originally on the Nintendo Entertainment System):

River City Ransom.  

And while I remember playing it as a kid, I don’t think I had ANY idea what I was doing.  Tonight, however, was a different story.  I beat it.  (YAY!!!)  Which was a very cool experience.  The whole game took me probably about 3 hours to beat.  (Although knowing what I’m doing now, I’m pretty sure I could get that under one hour a next time.)

But it brought back many nostalgic memories, playing an old NES game that I had as a kid… What about you peeps?  Any games that you never finished that you feel should be dusted off at some point?  What game makes you wax nostalgic?




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19 11 2008

i was always really big on the old school NES RPGs. i was a huge dragon warrior fan, and beat the first one and fourth (never had the third), but got totally stuck in dragon warrior 2 at some point. unfortunately i loaned the game to somebody something like 14 years ago and never got it back. 😦

thats the game id like to go back and finish. but cant.

19 11 2008

Justin, I actually may have that game… I know I’ve got the first one. I’ll check it out for you. You can borrow it and the NES, if you’d like. Or of course, you can always um, not emulate it, because that is illegal, you know.

19 11 2008

actually, i still have my NES tucked away in a closet. we ended up having to replace our NES late in the lifespan of the system (while it still existed new in stores), and i have one of the rare, wicked-cool top loading systems vaguely reminiscent of the SNES.


19 11 2008

I never owned Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for NES, but I’ve logged quite a few hours on TMNT 4 for SNES, and the few tries I’ve had on 1, 2, and 3 have left me wanting more. 1 was really different and weird, but as far as I can recall 2 and 3 had much the same charm as 4, if not quite as killer graphics.

19 11 2008

Wow, now THAT brings back memories for me… I wanted TMNT 1 when it came out, but I didn’t have much money (being a kid and all), and my dad had a friend who owned a game trading company (precursor to GameStop and such), called Mars Merchandising. Anyway, the guy was a Christian (supposedly), so I went to him. He wanted FOUR GAMES for the one TMNT (and it wasn’t new, it was a trade-in as well)!!! But, of course, being a child, I took the bait (how a grown man could do that to a kid of what, like 8 or 9, I don’t know…hence my questioning his morals…I guess it’s wrong to guess his Christianity, but still it’s a sore spot even now, I realize…) But anyway, so I traded it all in. I’m pretty sure I traded Metal Gear, two crap games (I think Hogan’s Alley? And perhaps Milon’s Secret Castle?) and something else… probably Metroid… I didn’t have too many games back then, so it had to be some of the earlier ones…

Anyway, the game, TMNT, that is… was good, but not worth Metal Gear (especially plus Metroid, but my memory can’t certify that one).

Ahh youth… 🙂

20 11 2008

Haha, I’ve got one that far far outweighs that. Being a kid, I was only partly in on this decision, but soon after it happened I became more than a little bit appalled. I really wanted Super Mario Kart when it came out, but I wasn’t really thinking money. So I’m pretty sure it cost either 50 or 60 dollars (correct me if I’m wrong about that, my memory is more than a little shady on prices). Well anyway, my parents decided it would be a good idea to trade in our entire NES along with maybe 15 games in order to pay for Mario Kart. Now we didn’t have all that many great games, and Super Mario Kart was very fun for a very long time, but I sort of unwittingly gave up my entire NES for it.

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