Is the iPod Touch/iPhone a DS Killer?

20 11 2008

Many stories have been written as of late, writing off the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP, in favor of the slick, new iPhone and iPod Touch games, and tout the Apple device as the ultimate portable gaming system, destined to leave all the other firmly established players in its wake.  I however, am not so sure.

I understand the value of the portable with “multi-touch” input as well as the gyroscopes inside which provide movement (tilt and turn) input as well.  I also understand that the sheer quantity of games (quality withstanding) is enormous and growing daily.  I know it’s new, it’s hip, and it’s definitely a cool toy.

But I also think that the NPD numbers consistently show that Nintendo is month in and out whomping on the competition, both on the Wii, and with their DS portable…

What I do find interesting, however, is that while the iPod Touch and iPhone are true innovations (something Nintendo is typically great at), The DSi, Nintendo’s new revision to the DS hardware, is hardly revolutionary.  Unlike the shift from DS to DS Lite, the form stays relatively the same, the functions are only minorly improved (with the addition of a camera, of course) and supposedly brighter screens (although some have claimed that is the opposite case)

My point is that this is Nintendo’s game to win or lose.  If Nintendo continues to support the DS as they currently do, with quality titles, and if 3rd party developers continue to make compelling titles for the niche demographics (young girls with the “Imagine: ____” series, or with “My ____ Coach” games, for example), then you’re going to continue to see the DSi whomp all challengers.  Yes, the iPods are cool and do more things, but at the same time, so does the PSP… with a wider aspect ratio, video capability, higher-resolution gaming, and better sound (some say), it should be a better, well-adopted system (and mind you, in general, the PSP is doing quite well for a 2nd place contender.  Sony certainly must be happy with the sales of the handheld and software…).  But as mentioned previously, Nintendo consistently leads in sales, usually by a margin of two to one, or greater.

So, what do I think will happen with the Apple products?  It’s simple.  If anyone else were to put out a device, the odds are that compared to the DS and PSP, it would simply fizzle out and no longer exist because the market wouldn’t support it for long.  But since Apple’s devices are so popular for their gaming, but mostly for their multimedia functions…what you’re going to see is simply a third player.  Not a usurper, at least not unless the DSi bombs (which all indicators say that it won’t), but simply a solid competitor, and third option that will remain for quite some time.  Which in itself is quite a feat for Apple, who just a couple years ago was derided for it’s lack of support for gaming in really any capacity.

So what do you think?  Do you think Apple will truly be the DS killer it claims?  Do you think that the Apple Gaming initiative will be just a fad?  Or do you agree with me and expect it to stick around, but simply end up being a solid 3rd contender in the market?




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21 11 2008
Matt H

I’m liking the blog. It’s well written, and you choose some good topics. I’ll be honest, I’m a little more interested in the God/family related discussions than the newest video game systems, but I like that you talk about them all, and I think it’s call that you’re up on all that. I’m still pretty happy with my N64 and my Xbox. Ever since I went to college, I haven’t really had the time to keep up on video games.

One stylistic thing, when you link separate words to different articles, like at the top of the article, it looks like you’ve been hacked by spamware at first. So, if I’m really curious I open things up in properties and check out the URL, but if I’m at all lazy, I just ignore them and assume you’ve gotten yourself adwared.

When you want to link one phrase to more than one story, I suggest using an asterisk or a footnote (#) link to the bottom of your articles, and then listing the URLs under a heading such as “Nintendo DS stories.” Just by two cents.

That’s just a small thing though, overall, I’m fairly impressed.

21 11 2008

Thanks for checking it out, man! And yeah, I was simply trying to emphasize that the news that this story has gotten has been quite sizable…But I see what you’re saying.

I don’t see myself doing that all too often though. But in the future, I definitely will make sure links are more obvious. Unfortunately, without paying to be able to edit my CSS, I can’t change the colors of links, or stuff like that. Perhaps I’ll bold-em or something though, so it’s more obviously a link or something.

Also, you should be able to preview the page, by hovering over it with the “Snap” feature, no? I love that feature! 🙂

But yeah, I haven’t had too many experiences that are dissimilar from other parents yet, and I haven’t been blindsided by any particular biblical or “christianity” themes yet. So, I’m still totally about writing on that stuff, but I want it to be something more interesting than “My kids are so cute/terrible at times!” or “Isn’t Jesus Awesome?” Because sure, both are true, but it’s kind of universal truth, I figure… or perhaps I’m wrong. I dunno. 🙂

22 11 2008

And your Super Nintendo, Matthew. Your oversight appalls me. Either you’re pretty happy with you Super Nintendo too or you’ll sell it to me. Cheap.

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