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20 11 2008
Okay, not really, but I can dream, right?

Okay, not really, but I can dream, right?

So, as of about one hour ago or so, I’ve been approached by a longtime friend who is an editor for a site (which will remain unnamed for now, until things are finalized), to write game reviews as well as cover general news in the industry, as they are looking to expand their coverage.

I’m very excited about the possibility, and while I cannot be specific about a lot until things get finalized, I can definitely say that if this ends up happening, I will be able to cover a lot more topics than I previously could as I should have access to some hardware that at the moment, is too next-gen for OtakuDad’s pocketbook.  (That almost rhymes internally by the way…OtakuDad Pocketbook. Us nerds gotta keep track of that stuff.  I could shorten it to OtakuPocket.  Or PokeTaku?)

And to be clear, the picture adorning this story is a joke, as the position would not be paid (at least at the time of writing).  But I’m excited for the opportunity to write in a professional-fashion again, and let me assure you loyal readers that the the quality/quantity of posts here shouldn’t change anytime soon.  This remains my personal site, where I’ll give more opinionated and more open-ended stories that appeal to me, rather than what a specific readership of an established site would be interested in.

I’ll be sure to keep you OtakuPeeps updated as soon as more details emerge.  If you are the praying sort (and why wouldn’t you be?) would you pray for this opportunity for me?  Thanks!




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29 01 2009
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