HumpDay Flash #2 – Auditorium

3 12 2008

Thanks to Avatrix for pointing this one out to me.  Visually and aurally beautiful, calming and inventive, this “music flow” game blends colorful particle effects and a multitrack score for one cool (if not a little short) game.  (Quite honestly, the screenshot does this game so little justice.  Please check it out, to see it in motion.)

However, the site promises that what is playable is just a demo, and not the full game.

I think this would be VERY cool to play on a Wii Opera browser (although I’m not sure if it’s compatible yet.  I’ll update after trying it).  The game is by a two-man team of developers calling themselves Cipher Prime, so if you like the game, let’s help support these “garage” efforts by donating a couple bucks, eh?

So, without further ado:  Auditorium!

Editor’s Note: The game site seems to be down sporadically.  For a substitute, allow Zilch” over at Kongregate! A fun game!




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4 03 2009
Week of Flash - Day 3 - Auditorium « OtakuDad

[…] written about Auditorium by Cipher Prime, LLC before, but as the game is now fully complete and can be purchased, I highly recommend you check it out […]

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