Dragon Quest X To Be Released on Wii

10 12 2008

Dragon Quest comes to the Wii console, late March of 2009.

Dragon Quest comes to the Wii console, late March of 2009.

In a move that surprised me, at least, the immensely popular Dragon Quest series will return to consoles (and specifically, the Wii) in March of next year (in Japan).  What is surprising about this change is that within the last couple of years, this wildly popular game in Japan (known originally to U.S. players as “Dragon Warrior”) was available only through the Nintendo DS, because of the large install-base and popularity of the hardware in Japan.  And the move to the Wii tells of amazing insight on Square-Enix’s  part, because while the Wii was selling impressive numbers a year or more ago, it wasn’t certain that it would be dominating over two years later, as it is now.  

So to move from the most ubiquitous handheld console to the now continually-rising star console of the Wii is a bold move, and I think will be quite rewarding for Square-Enix in the long-term.  Not to mention, for some hardcore RPG players, this could be the game that sells more Wii hardware, because while there have been some decent RPGs on the system, nothing has been monumental or “console moving” enough.

As a big fan of J-RPGs, the Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior) series has always been a great one, keeping the main gameplay intact, while innovating here and there (usually through its various spinoff games).  The series (again, if you like J-RPGs) remains fresh and fun, despite so many generations of the original, and the spinoff games like DQ: Rocket Slime and DQ: Swords.  It remains as Square-Enix’s second best selling franchise (behind Final Fantasy), and by most estimates, has sold over 45 million games throughout its lifespan.

So again, it is quite interesting that the newest game is coming to the Wii, given that the Dragon Quest series is always platform-exclusive (Meaning, that when the series was on the DS, you couldn’t get the newest game anywhere else.  You got a DS or you didn’t play.  Same with before, when the series was on the NES (and the Famicom), the Game Boy, SNES (SuperFamicom), then PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and some mobile platforms in Japan as well, for each game in the series.).  I would expect to see a huge marketing push for the game as well, being the official tenth game in the series.  (Ten’s a nice, important round number!)

While the game will take some time for localizing for the states, it’s inevitable that the game will hit on these shores sometime soon, hopefully still in 2009.  But it’s releases like these that make me want to learn Japanese, so I can import the game to play it sooner!


The iconic Slime from the Dragon Quest series.

The iconic Slime from the Dragon Quest series.




4 responses

11 12 2008
mike oconnor

I love Wii and can’t wait to play their version.

11 12 2008

I’m entirely too poor to consider console switching, but it’s cool to hear that DQ is moving to the Wii. I was a HUGE Dragon Warrior fan in the NES days, and those games got me to be as big of a JRPG fan as I am (though, again, poverty has left me without such a game for a long, long time). You’ll have to let me know how this turns out.

On that note, know of any amazing JRPG’s for 360? I’d love to get a game (or dream of maybe someday getting one game) for it that I could get into…

11 12 2008

Well, if you can wait until 2009 (supposedly March, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s delayed significantly), Final Fantasy XIII is supposed to be coming out on 360, and I’m certain that will be amazing.
Trailer: http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/3569

But for stuff that’s out now? Blue Dragon is supposed to be pretty good. It’s got the story by Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy’s creator), the artwork of Akira Toriyama (the guy who did Dragon Ball Z) and music by Nobuo Uematsu (who did music for the Final Fantasy series). But reviews have been middling for it. Not bad, but nothing stellar. Trailer: http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/22306

But from what I read, the best JRPG for 360 at the moment? Lost Odyssey.
Trailer: http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/14665

12 12 2008

Wait till March, are you kidding? I’ll probably be waiting until my next birthday in October. Thanks on both counts though… maybe I’ll try renting Blue Dragon.

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