Public Service Announcement

17 12 2008
Internet Explorer is Bad.  Firefox and Chrome are Good.

Internet Explorer is Bad. Firefox and Chrome are Good.

So, I roll into work today, and all of a sudden I’m told “not to use the internet for a couple of days, because MSNBC as well as a couple other major news sites/networks are announcing a ‘major security vulnerability’ affecting the entire internet.” And that it would be better if I don’t use the internet for a couple days, just to be sure.

Well, this seems odd and impossible to me, so I check it out… The vulnerability is not “the entire internet” nor is it necessary to “go dark” for a couple days. (I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, but for me? Nuh-uh.)

So, The facts: The exploit is only for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (all versions are suspect, although only version 7 has been proven to be compromised at this point). Beyond this, using an alternative browser should eliminate the problem. (And why wouldn’t you anyway?)

So, as a public service announcement, allow me to introduce those of you who use IE because it’s the default, to a couple very nice web browsers that you’ll like better anyway:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

1) My favorite, due to its speed, ease of use, and ability to tap into the vast resources of Google, is Google’s “Chrome” browser. You can download the install package HERE. (For the tech-ignorant, just go to the page, click the big “download Google Chrome” button, and then follow the step by step directions when you open the installation file that gets downloaded. This is the case for both of my recommendations today.)


I think it’s a GREAT program, and it’s Google, so you know they’ll be tinkering with it to constantly improve it as time goes on.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

2) The perennial alternative to Microsoft’s Internet explorer is the open-source-ish Mozilla Firefox. I like it because with the “add-on” capability, it’s extremely customizable for your personal browsing preferences, for little widgets that add functionality for things you like, and for the ability to make it look different and cool with different skins. My personal opinion, is that while I love it, it’s not as good at version 3 as it was with version 2. That should improve with later iterations, but if you want a lot of the same interface as IE, but with some added protections and customization, Firefox is the browser for you. Download the install package HERE.




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22 12 2008

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Note: edited to remove spam and links to get more spam. -OD

23 12 2008

Dear Spammer,

Thanks for your offer of showing my readership nude photos of celebrities… I’ll have to pass at this time.

Spam sucks. Too bad you are a spammer, because by proxy? You suck.


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