Video Games Are Bad For You. Unless They're Good.

22 12 2008


The Wii Is Good For You.  The Wii Is Bad For You.

The Wii Is Good For You. The Wii Is Bad For You.

I bring you two conflicting stories today, both brought to light by Kotaku.


First, is a sensationalist piece that your mom probably read, telling us how Video Games are terrible things, and that innovation like the Wii, is doing nothing more than PUTTING AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE IN THE HOSPITAL, PER WEEK.  My favorite part of the story?  When this expert in medicine they interview suggests that people stretch before they play.  Yeah, because the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (but CDCaP doesn’t have that nice ring to it))  didn’t just put out a paper that suggests that stretching is probably not so good for you…Nice.

But, to contrast that story, we have one that you’ll likely tell your mom in retort, when you want to bring that new PS3, 360 or Wii over to Grandma’s house for Christmas Dinner, that Video Games May Do the Aging Brain Good!  

I figure, that even if both are right, then this is the right time to bring Wiis into every hospital around the world.  I mean, this way, the elderly get smarter and those who get hurt are only a nurse’s-call-button away from help.




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4 01 2009
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