Public Service Announcement #2

28 12 2008


OtakuDad - its been a busy week...

OtakuDad - it's been a busy week...



I wish to publicly apologize for the lack of enbloggenation going on here.  I will write more soon (and yes, finally comment on the Hell story), after I get some sleep and some time.  (I mean, time…after sleep, that is…) 


It’s been a crazy holiday, and time has gotten away from me all too often.  I’ve had a couple great ideas and I will write on those shortly, but perhaps in a couple days… (1) My computer is on the fritz…big time.  (2) I have no time.  (3) I’m exhausted.  (4) AAARGH!!!  I have no time!  

So, expect coolness soon, but not yet.  I will tweet/facebook-status/secret-decoder-ring/smoke-signal when I post again.  Expect it within the week.

Until then…stay classy, internet!





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