1UP Goes Down – Sold to UGO

7 01 2009
What the hell?

As Ryan Scott would say: "What the hell?"

The 1UP Network (major online gaming news site 1UP.com, GameVideos.com, MyCheats.com, GameTab.com, as well as their remaining print property, Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), and many of their podcasts (specifically video podcasts)) has been sold to UGO Entertainment (UGO.com) by Ziff-Davis Media, 1UP’s former owner.  With this sale, more than 30 employees of 1UP are rumored to have been fired with a handful of high-profile people staying on under the UGO banner.

While many of the writers and personalities within 1UP (sadly, most are editors) have indeed been laid off, there are some superstars remaining in Garnett Lee, Scott Sharkey, and Jeremy Parish, to name a few.  However, you can see an entire list of the laid-off workers (it’s amazing how many great people were fired…I mean, Shane “Box-Quote” Bettenhausen?  Ryan Scott?  Milky? (The best/most reliable entire list of who was fired can be found HERE at eat.sleep.game.)

The thing I will miss most of all, is the quality of podcasting is going to only go south from here.  Mind you, Garnett has always done a wonderful job with 1UP Yours, however, with Phil Kollar and Nick Suttner gone, 1UP FM (a new favorite of mine,) is gone.  With Ryan Scott and Anthony Gallegos gone, GFW Radio (which was now called LAN Party, since the mag got scrapped and Shawn Elliott and Jeff Green departed for greener pastures) is done for.  With Ryan O’Donnell and Michael Donohoe gone, The 1UP Show, their great video podcast is also gone…

1UP Yours will remain, but without Shane, Milky, Ford, Skip, Fitch, and others… I don’t know who they’re even going to talk with.   Garnett, I know you can’t help it, and you’d rather it weren’t, but at least now, it really is “your G_d-D__ned show” now.  It’s all yours.

Mind you, I’m looking forward to the last 1UP FM (retitled Rebel FM), and I look forward to what all of these great journalists and video peeps will do in the future.

I’m definitely going to be following eat.sleep.game. as it sounds like more than a couple people will be writing there.  Also, I’m planning on adding the “What They Play” podcast (John Davidson, another ex-Ziff-er) to my list, as I’m certain that he’ll have a steady stream of out-of-work or underutilized peeps of quality on his show.

It’s been a rough week for many other (frankly more important) reasons, but still for this to be the icing to the week?  This just kind of sucks.  Good luck to all of you either looking for work, or looking to make the new 1UP work.  I wish both groups the best of luck and fortune, and I look forward to what you will all produce.  I’ll be pouring one out for you tonight, homies. 🙂




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