Humpday Flash – Win a Playstation3!

7 01 2009

Normally, on Wednesdays (okay,  on some wednesdays) this is a space to pimp a fun, short game that will help move you all through your workweek.  This week is no different in that regard, but this week, there’s something extra; something metawesome.  (Yes, new word.  Note it.) This week’s game, if played somewhat mediocre-ly can potentially score you a PS3 and a copy of Pineapple Express for Blu-Ray.  (A film that is really really funny, and really really bad for any Christian to watch.  I’m sad that I found it so funny, actually.  But I cannot deny that it was hilarious.)

Anyway, on to the meat and potatoes here…
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 is, well, the third in a series of browser-based flash Music/Rhythm games in the style of Guitar Hero. However, since you don’t have an actual Fisher-Price Guitar to play with, you play using the keyboard. This is actually quite difficult, because in SCGMD3, you use both the arrows and the numbers 1-4, often simultaneously. The game is made well, and if your computer plays well with flash, the button pressing is quite accurate and well-implemented.

Because it’s an independent game, it’s not using licensed tracks, only independent tracks that are actually pretty good. It can be frustrating at times (because your hands simply don’t want to work the way your brain says they should) but it’s very rewarding when you start to nail the patterns and get used to the control scheme. Definitely give this game a try.

And if you needed more reason to give it a shot: Kongregate is hosting a contest to win a PlayStation 3, as well as a copy of “Pineapple Express” on Blu-Ray. All you have to do to enter is first, register at Kongregate (harmless, I assure you) and then play the game. If you get a bronze level on at least 7 of the songs, you are entered into the contest automatically. It’s difficult to do this (at least for me) but not nearly as difficult as coming up with the roughly $450 it would take to buy a PS3 and the blu-ray disc on your own. 🙂

Give it a shot. The movie is crass and probably one of the furthest things from Christian, but you can always sell it or throw it out and you’ll have a brand-spanking new PS3 still. 🙂 Good luck!




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