Quick! Get The 1UP Show OST…Fo' Free!

10 01 2009


The 1Up Show - The Movie, The Game, The Movie

The 1Up Show - The Movie, The Game, The Movie



Not much to say here other than, if you ever liked the themes, bump, or background music for The 1UP Show, then here is your chance to own a piece of the action for the low, low price of NOTHING!  


Ryan O’Donnell, pretty much the creator of, and head of the 1UP Show prior to the dismantling of everything holy within the 1UP Network, has decided to put up all that work between him and Caesar Quintero, and let you, the longtime fan, get the music for free.  You can click HERE to get the OST.  I’ve always been a fan of the summer theme, and I LOVED the theme they were using up until the end, with the Japanese and all…check it out, if you haven’t…


Also, if you have interest in the 1UP FM crew, or the 1UP Show crew, you should definitely check out Rebel FM, the podcast of the dejected rejected from 1UP. 🙂  It’s pretty good for info right now, and I expect it to continue well.  (And yes, there is an RSS feed, and it IS available through iTunes, read their site for details.)  Frankly, I think Eat.Sleep.Game has the possibility to get some decent advertising if they do things right.  People want to hear what these specific people want to say about gaming.  And right now, that site is the only place for it.  Good luck, y’all….




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