Best Super Mario Brothers Live Evarz!

11 01 2009

Those crazy Japanese game shows rock.  And to prove it:




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12 01 2009

I watched that show when it aired last Thursday (in Japan).
It’s one of my favorite shows…only airs twice a years, though 😦

I wrote a post that mentions it

13 01 2009

That was amazing. They go from SMB to Super Mario World!? The kiss at the end of World makes me blush like Mario every time. 1992 Peach is probably the ideal woman.

13 01 2009

I’m glad you liked it Karl! I thought it was awesome too! It’s amazing when you really think about it, what place these games (really simple ones too) have in our hearts and minds. It’s so cool how someone shifting bits around on a screen with some user input can leave someone with truly personal, emotional experiences that last a lifetime.

There will forever be a part of me that always associates video games with Super Mario Bros. on a deep level. That’s really cool and fascinating to me as well…

25 01 2009

haha that was one of the best … whatever-its-called’s that I’ve seen so far 🙂 so great!

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