OtakuDad’s 2009 Predictions

11 01 2009


Carnac Aint Got Nothing On OtakuDad

Carnac Ain't Got Nothing On OtakuDad

Well, it’s that time of year (well, okay, it’s a little past that time of year, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks) for some predictions about the upcoming year in gaming.  Predictions that will likely bite me in the behind later.   Predictions that will astound and amaze you, just the same.  Well, there’s nothing to it but to do it, so here we go!!!  

Click on the jump to read what crazy crap you’ll be mocking me about this time next year!

The Wii 2!

Announcing: The WiiII?!





Prediction #1: We will indeed hear some leaked details about Nintendo’s next console.  (Wii II, pronounced “WEE-eye-eye”) It will be an iteration on the Wii, not a new concept.  It will feature (1080i) HD resolution, improved precision of the controller (WiiMotion Plus capability built-in), as well as come with a competitive, (yet still smaller than Microsoft’s or Sony’s) hard drive.


Markets for the PS3 will heat up after a price drop!

Markets for the PS3 will 'heat up' after a price drop!

Prediction #2:   Sony will eventually drop the price on the PlayStation 3, but will stick their guns (a move that may cost them dearly in the console race), and not release news about a new console in 2009.  However, sales will increase and the system will finally be a serious competitor to the 360, due to the lower cost, and some really great games finally coming as exclusives in 2009.


360 Blu-Ray Player

360 Blu-Ray Player

Prediction #3:  The 360 will get an add-on Blu-Ray drive.  Rumors for the next Xbox will hit, but only after Nintendo’s denial (after the leaked specs) of their work on a next-gen system.  Overall, Xbox will solidify its place as the #2 console, but will also start losing some exclusives to Sony, as the market share begins to level a bit between the two companies.


The Game We Really Wanted

Diablo III: The Game We Really Wanted


Prediction #4: StarCraft 2 is a relative flop, and Diablo 3 is pushed back to 2010.  Gamers aren’t giving up on their PCs, but Diablo was the game that could have made 2009 the year to remember.  In related news, Valve will not come out with a new game this year, but instead only push out new content for Left 4 Dead and improve the Steam infrastructure.  They will, however, PROMISE that Half-Life 2, Episode 3 will come out in “very early 2010,” and it will be separately downloadable, or included with the “Black Box” that includes Left 4 Dead (plus expansions), Half Life 2-Episode 3, Portal 2, and a live pony.


Yup, Mario and his Cronies will still rule the Wii...

Yup, Mario and his Cronies will still rule the Wii...

Prediction #5: Third-party support of the Wii will still be crap.  Ubisoft will put out a couple good games, and EA Sports will do some good family stuff, but that’s about it.  Oh yeah, and there’ll be another perhipheral that you can find some storage space for somewhere for the Wii.  It’ll be, uh…a pen.  Yeah, a pen that you write in the air, and it writes on screen.  It’s going to bring the DS functionality to the Wii platform.  So now, you’re writing, balancing, pointing, and waggling.  In related news, 2009 is billed as the turning point where parents decide that games are making their kids too healthy and want them to go outside for some rest. 🙂


BONUS STAGE: The Nintendo DS line (be it DS or DSi) will still be kicking everyone’s butt in 2009.  iPhone will gain popularity, but will not get numbers like the DS.  The PSP will still gain support, but overall, it’s going to be all Nintendo, all 2009.  Also, Sony will try to revive UMD.  Why?  I don’t know.  I don’t think they do either.

You think you can do better?  Let’s hear it in the comments!




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