OtakuDad’s Most Anticipated Games in 2009

13 01 2009

The Games "Rain" Down Pretty "Heavy" In 2009

So it’s a new year, with a lot of promises in gaming. All of the consoles are seasoned veterans now, with at least a handful of good titles to back them up. Each system has a customer base large enough to merit new, big games and each has a form of digital distribution where new, smaller or independent games can reach the customer. So it’s an exciting time overall to be into games, to be sure.

So what’s coming down the pipe? What are you interested in seeing?

For me, there’s a handful of really interesting games that have been promised in 2008, and all of them look to be very good. Here’s my most anticipated games list for 2009:

Halo Wars

Halo Wars

First on the list, has to be Halo Wars. Yes, it’s an RTS on console, and yes, that’s been promised and failed before. But there are a couple reasons why this one may break the mould: First off, it’s a collaboration between Bungie and Ensemble. Both have proven themselves to be quite adept at strong gameplay and compelling story. But on top of this, it’s Ensemble’s swan song. So if they have any interest in leaving a huge legacy, it’s going to be with this game. I know how it feels to leave a job that you love. You want to do your best work while you can, so people know what they’ll be missing. I expect nothing less from these teams on this one. Halo Wars will combine the best aspects of the Halo franchise’s story with the gameplay elements that have made Ensemble’s strategy games so unique. Personally, this is the game I’m excited to play the most in the upcoming year.

(Halo Wars – Releases: Late Februrary, 2009 – Xbox 360)



Next, for the Wii, I’m most excited about MadWorld. Sure, it’s “shocking” and definitely violent, but from everything I’ve heard and read, it’s also a very good game, with unique environmental elements. The idea of a highly-stylized black and white world that is colored only with the blood of your enemies, certainly has appeal as well. I think MadWorld is going to do quite well, and will really be the title that shows 3rd party publishers that the Wii can be a viable platform, if you make the best game possible for it.

(MadWorld – Releases: March 2009, Wii)

Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5

Of course, if you’re any kind of gamer, you’ve played the Resident Evil series. And if you liked any Resident Evil game, you absolutely need to play Resident Evil 4. With the changes to the gameplay, the (slightly) more comprehensible storyline, and better controls, the game was at a new level. While not much gameplay innovation is expected for the upcoming sequel, the shift to high-definition looks to truly be astounding. If the game plays anywhere near as well as RE4 did, yet looks this good, then it’s something I’ll definitely be talking about and playing for a long time.

(Resident Evil 5 – Releases: Mid-March 2009, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360)


Dragon Age: Origins

For PC, Blizzard seems to be the only publisher that can’t do wrong. From Starcraft back in the day, to World of Warcraft now, Blizzard is every PC gamer’s response when anyone says “the PC is dead” as far as gaming is concerned. And it’s true. But other than Diablo III and Starcraft II (both also on my list, but hey, they’re on EVERYONE’S list, so why take up more space with them?), I do have another game, not by Blizzard that I’m looking forward to. And that game is Dragon Age: Origins. Produced by BioWare (the same company that brought you Baldur’s Gate and the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic), Dragon Age looks to bring back all of the fun and deep story back to PC role playing. Simply put, Bioware knows how to do story that you care about. They know how to do role-playing in a way that doesn’t seem boring and repetitive. Sure, Blizzard will make some great games this year. But for something new and fresh, I’m personally looking to Dragon Age to fill that spot.

(Dragon Age: Origins – Releases: Mid March 2009, PC)

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

And to end the list of games I’m most excited about seeing this year, is one that definitely is up in the air as to whether it actually will come out this year: Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain is for gaming what Blu-Ray and DVD was to a VHS world. It takes everything you love about games, story, plot, and graphics…and then takes them to another level that you didn’t imagine possible until you saw it. The visuals alone in Heavy Rain make me want to cry, they’re that beautiful. Frankly, it’s the absolute best I’ve seen from any game in terms of graphics, then I have ever seen before in my entire life. And typically with games like this that push the graphics level farther than before, you don’t expect so much from the gameplay or the story. But everything I’ve read lately says that the dialogue, the plot (as far as we can tell) and the gameplay all seem to compliment the gorgeous graphics as well. This game may be the system seller needed to put the Playstation back on the map. There’s not a whole bunch we know about the game yet, to be fair. But everything so far sounds really good. It’s being published by Sony, so hopefully there’s nothing stopping them from bringing it out as soon as they can (preferably with a bundle with a dropped price point? Eh, Sony?) . But mark my words, when this game comes out, it will be the game that you just stare at, in wonder, and amaze even yourself, the most jaded of gamers, into what glorious pieces of technology that gaming hath wrought. 🙂

(Heavy Rain – Releases: “2009” – PlayStation 3)




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