Super Energy Apocalypse – Recycled!

26 01 2009

It’s not wednesday, but I owe you all something for your patience as I wrote a review on Bioshock for the aforementioned, yet-unnamed site.  (Details will be given as the site goes live, I assure you!)  

Super Energy Apocalypse - Recycled!

Super Energy Apocalypse - Recycled!

So in the meantime, enjoy this eco themed-zombie battler-strategy-tower defense-energy management sim(?) that I found frustratingly excellent, especially for a browser game.  SUPER ENERGY APOCALYPSE – RECYCLED!!!  This compares to some early Starcraft (at least at the middle stages) in my mind, so that’s quite a feat!  It’s from the folks at, who are honestly consistently making some of the best browser/flash games I’ve ever seen, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what you think your browser can do in terms of gameplay.  Definitely check them out when you get a chance.   And if you fancy yourself a flash coder, there’s almost always some sort of game design competition going on where you can net yourself some cash, programs, and swag.

Also, the end credits have a funny song (a la Jonathan Coulton) that’s definitely worth checking out.


Click for the game!

Click for the game!



ProTip:  If you cannot bring yourself to try the game through conclusion, then enter the Konami code at the menu screen and the end song/credits will play!




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