World of Obamacraft! Sam Kennedy Bleeds! Riddick Returns! And More!

26 01 2009


Scandal!  Infamy!  Video Games!

Scandal! Infamy! Video Games!

Nothing insightful or deep.  Just a couple of links:


  • – Jeff Green points us to a Democrat WoW Nerd’s ultimate crossover!
  •  – Sam Kennedy head of 1UP, speaks frankly (finally) after the UGO buyout and mass execution of editors and video peeps.  It’s a refreshing, cathartic release and says what he should have said on day one.  No hard feelings, of course, but now instead of being entirely of pure motive (which I’m certain it is), it could now be construed as hype to help rebuild the war-torn 1UP landscape.  Good luck everyone there!
  • – There is a new trailer for The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena – While the game is really just “Escape From Butcher Bay” version 1.5, with added graphics and areas, it’s still one of my most anticipated games of the year.  Escape From Butcher Bay was amazing, and really cinematic throughout.  Something very lacking not only in the last console cycle, but for the games industry in general (at least outside of a Kojima game).  Check it out!
  • And speaking of, definitely check out the podcasts (and video, yay!) from those guys:

– – Home of RebelFM

– – Ryan Scott’s new digs

– – The ex-1UP Show’s crew doing their own thing




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