Want College Credit For Gaming? UC Berkeley Has A Course For Ya.

28 01 2009


Infected Ghosts Need Education Too!

Infected Ghosts Need Education Too!

As reported at Tumeroks.com, the University of California at Berkeley is offering a college course that studies the theory and practical application of said theory in competitive Starcraft playing.   While it may sound like all fun and games, the class is hardly a “blow-off” as it is recommended that participants have a working knowledge of Calculus and Differential Equations prior to taking the course.


However, as someone who always was okay at math, but lost interest in math classes due to my lack of a math-based career, this is interesting to me, because any gamer, regardless of their career, can apply science and math to their competitive online gameplay experiences.

As gaming takes more and more mindshare from the entertainment industry and grows to earn revenues equal to major films and television, I think it’s only a matter of time for colleges and universities all over the world to start using gaming as a starting point for illustrating the deeper concepts of psychology, mathematics and law.  

Not to mention, you can learn to really kick butt in Starcraft.  And that’s something people everywhere can rally around.




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