HDOD: High-Def OtakuDad

2 02 2009

Well, first off, God is good.  All the time.  And all the time?  Yeah.  God is good, y’all…

Beyond what I am about to tell you, that’s true no matter what.  However, he’s also got an amazing sense of humor, an amazing unending source of mercy and patience, and an abundance of care to give to everyone he’s created.  It’s simply amazing.

Okay, so, Super Bowl.  It’s been a really really rough weekend for Karen and I, because we’re getting work done on our bathroom, while at the same time, painting the kids room and the kitchen.  Which means, really that after storing work supplies in the living room, there’s the back room, and our room.  That’s it.  And the kids are going bonkers.  Totally cabin-feverish.  So they’re going crazy, which in turn, drives OtakuMom and OtakuDad crazy, because we can’t do any work for more than 15 minutes before someone has hit someone else, someone fell, or someone is wailing to be picked up, or wants to hang out in the room with all the fresh paint, or whatever…

You can’t blame the kids, but BOY is it frustrating…

Anyway, so yeah, Super Bowl.  I was hoping to watch it, but you know…we were getting work done, and no one else in the family except me was really into it, so, I figured I’ll catch what I can, but mostly paint.

OtakuMom informs me that she “bought a square” at her office.  You know, one of those office pools where one square equals a random 1 in 100 chance of winning via the score?  So OtakuMom got one.  For us to win, the Cardinals needed their score to end in 3.  The Steelers needed to end in 7.


So that happened!  Unbelieveably, due to a safety and two very last-minute touchdowns, the game was Steelers over Cardinals 27-23!!!  So what does OtakuMom win?  A 52″ Sharp Aquos full 1080p HDTV.  Yeah.  Rock on!!!  So, Thanks to OtakuMom, I will be able to view (and review) games in their intended HDTV brilliance!  I cannot wait, as the set comes next Saturday!!!

So yeah, Bathroom is getting done.  Kitchen is nearly done.  Kids room, pretty much done.  And on top?  A flippin huge HDTV!  Thank you, Lord!

More stories and game reviews coming soon.  I’ve been, well, painting and herding children. 🙂  More to come later!




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2 02 2009

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang! GO KAREN!

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