Street Fighter IV – Quick Thoughts

2 03 2009


I dig Rufus...

I dig Rufus...

While I’m writing a full review soon for another site (and therefore can’t spill the beans here) I’d love to give you peeps my down and dirty quick thoughts on Street Fighter IV:

  • As far as new characters go, I’m loving those added to this edition of Street Fighter:  Abel is strong and ranged, El Fuerte is fast and crazy, Rufus is, well…hilarious, and Crimson Viper fits well into the Street Fighter world.
  • The cel-shaded, comic-book-y not-quite-3-D style was really neat (especially in HD) but left me wondering how cool a more realistic Street Fighter would have been…
  • Chun-Li Thighs?  Creepy and mannish.
  • Apparently no one at Capcom can draw feminine arms/hands.  Everyone looks like they have Trogdor arms.  Everyone.
  • Seth is a cheap fighter of the cheapest-cheapies variety.
  • Unlocking stuff that already exists on a disc you already paid for is well and good if it’s easy to do.  If it takes more than an hour, that’s not cool.  Very uncool, Capcom…very uncool.
  • When I get old, I wanna be Gen.
  • My best character?  Cammy.  Yeah, who knew?



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