Early Adoption Xbox Live Issues

3 03 2009

Xbox Live DeadSo, if you were fortunate enough as me to get an original Xbox (not the 360, but the “last-gen” version) close to launch of the Xbox Live service, and signed up for Live right away (like me, back in 2001), then you didn’t have a Windows Live ID associated with your Gamertag, because WINDOWS LIVE ID DIDN’T YET EXIST.

Yet, despite multiple calls to Xbox customer service when trying to recover said (still paid for, yet unused for years) account, they keep asking for my Windows Live ID…To this, I say GRRRRRRR…. 

I’ve been told it’s been fixed.  I’ve been told it’s being escalated.  I’ve been told it’s being investigated.  I’ve been on the phone with outsourced Indian call-centers for hours.  I’ve said the same story multiple times.  No one seems to want to stray from the script long enough to understand!  

And when I ask “I understand that you’ve helped as much as you can now.  What I’d like to then do, is cancel my Xbox live account, and due to zero activity since December (when my account last renewed) I’d like to be refunded that amount, so I can start fresh with a new Gamertag and new subscription, without paying twice.”  I’m then told that this is not possible.  

The funny thing is I can still get on Live on my old Xbox.  It’s working fine.

So Live has my info.  They just can’t figure out how to migrate things from old Xbox to now, if I was such an early adopter that I never had a Windows Live ID.  Now, I did have a “Microsoft Passport” account.  But that won’t let me log in anymore.  I still have my email from when I started the account.  But my login info apparently expired due to inactivity, and now I’m in accounting limbo.  

I know I’m in the minority here, because I early adopted Xbox and Xbox Live back in the day, and yet didn’t get a 360 with online access until, well, today, yet NEVER cancelled my service (essentially throwing away over $200 in the process, since I booted up Live perhaps 5 times on the old Xbox in the last 3 years).  But still, you’d think somewhere in their troubleshooting guides, they’d have my situation.  They’d at least be able to say “Yeah, you’re screwed.  We didn’t plan on this, and here’s what we’re going to do for you now to get you online.”  But instead, they keep escalating (when they’re not saying the issue is resolved, erroneously), keep putting me on hold, and keep pretending these people answering the phones at 1oPM central time are simply people with heavy Indian accents from say, Dubuque.

A happy man is not me.  I’ll keep you updated on anything I learn from this experience in the future.




3 responses

4 03 2009

is that you on the site banner. it has a really nice effect.

5 03 2009

Yeah, it is. 🙂 It’s just a couple simple image altering effects in GIMP: http://www.gimp.org

5 03 2009

I’ve used GIMP and hate it big time…

Paint.Net is so much easier to use. so much faster. check it out. free 2.

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