Week of Flash – Day 3 – Auditorium

4 03 2009

I’ve written about Auditorium by Cipher Prime, LLC before, but as the game is now fully complete and can be purchased, I highly recommend you check it out again.  The demo is still the same as before, and the gameplay is still wonderfully puzzle-y.  The soundtrack is the star of this game, and really makes for a relaxing experience.  The basic idea is that you’re altering a flow of energy to feed a number of individual instruments and themes, that when completed, create a complete, orchestral whole.  If that’s confusing, then you simply have to play it to experience it!  

The game can be difficult at times due to the great later-stage puzzles but overall, it’s never overwhelming due to the knowledge that given enough time, you can always solve everything through strategic placement of the “controls” and that many puzzles have multiple ways that they can be solved.

If you haven’t checked it out before, you would definitely be doing yourself a disservice not to do so now.  Check out Auditorium!




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