Resident Evil 5 Quick Thoughts

16 03 2009

I’m still very early in the game so I can’t say all that much as far as reviews go, but here are some of my quick thoughts on the game thus far:

* Everyone’s all hyped up about how the controls suck so bad.  I think the controls aren’t awesome, but work just fine.  The problem is not the controls.

*It’s the camera and the perspective that are the problems.  3rd-person cameras are nothing new.  But having the camera so close to my character that I can’t see half the screen?  Not cool, Capcom.

* The game is gory and drops right into the action.

* Why would an enemy stagger, run up to me full-sprint, and then stop just a step in front of me, then wait a second before attacking?  (This is practically saying, “Oh, Hello there!  If you don’t want to waste ammo, you can just use your knife.  Have a nice da-arghagghghghghgurglegurglegurgle”)

* Um, all that racism talk?  I find this game perfectly normal given the setting.  Yes, it is a white guy (and an unrecognizable nationality, presumably African, woman) killing Africans and others, but honestly, that’s the setting, not anything else.  Other than the point above, this isn’t any different than killing the white zombies in the early games, or the Latino zombies from 4.  It’s about the setting.  If I was in a warehouse or some other generic location that had nothing to do with Africa and was killing only black zombies, then sure, that would totally be racist.  That is not the case here.

* The game isn’t as scary for me as it was in 4.  Mind you, that’s just me, but for not playing a scary game in quite some time, the game never really freaked me out.  I don’t know if that’s having a partner all the time, or what.  More to come on that, when I do my full review (after completing the game).

*The only scary moment I had was when just over an hour ago, I was playing and at the beginning of a stage, the zombies started to swarm, and then-  the power to my entire block went out.  Total darkness after playing about two hours of RE5, at just near 1am.  Not cool, ComEd. 🙂

* Oh, also, the Xbox 360 is starting to minor-red-ring more frequently.  (see:  Not cool, Microsoft.




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