The One Wherein I Grovel Some More

28 04 2009


This (for about 15 minutes tops, at a time) has been consuming nearly all my gaming time.

This (for about 15 minutes tops, at a time) has been consuming nearly all my "gaming time".

Hey all… I apologize sincerely for not updating in a very very long while.


The truth is, I haven’t played a lot of games. Or rather, I’ve had only about 5-10 minutes to game in any given time, so I’ve not been able to play anything substantial. Just some browser games (nothing AMAZING, but some good), and a little time with the 360 playing (and failing often with) Mega Man 9. (Which I love and hate simultaneously. Perhaps a story about why you should buy that game, if you haven’t, is in order in the near future.)

That, and what else… once I played “Worms” on the 360 (a series of which I’ve loved since the PSOne), and a little Geometry Wars 2. Other than that, nothing special.

I’ve got Left 4 Dead, and I’ll probably play that this week, if I can, and write about the new Survival mode soon. I’ve also gotten a beta key to Battlefield: Heroes, which I’ll have to check, but I’m pretty sure I can talk about the things they’ve publicly talked about on the blog. I’ve also gotten a beta for Sony’s FreeRealms, but it hasn’t been working so hot for me lately. I’ll let you know about that if it works. So plenty to talk about, once I can get a chance to actually play some stuff for any substantial period of time.

To those of you who’ve stuck it out and checked regularly to a couple times, since my last real article…I first of all thank you, and secondly, apologize. Please forgive the tardiness, and while I can’t say when to expect something, definitely DO expect something. 🙂

I hope to blow you all away with my next post. (No pressure there, self…just put that on out there…that’s cool.)

Thanks for paying attention, and I’ll catch up with y’all soon!




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29 04 2009
Future Works

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