Quick Health Update

29 05 2009

Sorry, I forgot to do this, because I was on a trip two weekends ago (yeah, I’ve known for this long…sorry) and since then have been busy.

But, the short version is that my heart is good (we knew this from the first tests), and my lungs appear to be good too.  The chest X-ray apparently showed things that didn’t exist when under the better scrutiny of the CT-scan.  However, the scan did seem to show that I have an enlarged spleen and liver.  The kind of thing you’d expect to see in someone who drank a lot (which I do not do…in fact, I probably haven’t had more than two drinks in one day in nearly 10 years.  And in that same timespan, I probably haven’t had a two week period where I had those two drinks more than once.  Perhaps even longer of a time.  I drink very rarely, and when I do it’s quite small amounts, for taste rather than “effect”.)

Anyway, I’m going to do an ultrasound of those organs to see what’s up there.  The doc doesn’t sound too scared, so I’m not doing so either.  I mean, it’s odd, but it also could be a matter like the lungs, where things look bad, but the reason is because the thing that red-flagged it, is not the proper test for those things… (if that made any sense).

Point is, I’ll know more later.  But I’m also being lazy in scheduling the tests.

However, I have found out that I have high cholesterol levels.  So I’m doing the cheerios thing, reducing saturated fats, etc… I’m not going crazy, but I think a little moderation and conscious effort will go a lot further than I think.  My body is hardly in great shape, but responds well to changes (at least in the past).  So, more to come, when more comes.  I’ll let ya know.  Thanks for all the prayers and the words of encouragement and support.  It’s greatly appreciated, and obviously, the prayers have been answered by my so-far very clean bill of health.  Thanks to God and to you all!




4 responses

29 05 2009

i’ll say a prayer to that big white-coated holistic dude up there 🙂 france is very much the bomb.

31 05 2009

Thanks for the prayer!!! Although I’m totally trying to figure out where France comes in!

1 06 2009
Matt H

Karl is currently in france. You didn’t know? Wow Larry, your insensitivity stuns me…

Okay, not really.

1 06 2009

I had no idea! Wow, that’s awesome!!!!

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