NaNoWriMo Thang-Thang

9 11 2009

National Novel Writing Month (yeah, I needed to look it up too) is this month. I’m not writing anything, but I’m considering it. Which totally puts me in a disadvantaged spot, since a full third of the month is done and the second half of the month includes Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping… But yeah, I’m totally the guy who would do this. Or at least give it a good go. So, I’m considering it.

Here’s what I’m thinking in terms of novel topics, and I’d love feedback:

1) Semi-Fictitious story about a office drone who realizes that he has the world’s best idea. Ever.

2) Sci-fi cyberpunk story a-la William Gibson, but written in 20 days or less, so it will very likely suck bad…Ever.

3) The most user-submitted idea. Ever. (In other words, if you think of something you’d like to see me write about, submit it in the comments!)

More info on National Novel Writing Month can be found here:




3 responses

9 11 2009

I think we need more details on each of the first two ideas. Like may be twitter the stories in 140 chars …

9 11 2009
Larry Eisner

1) Brandon Stevens (or Brand as his pals call him) has lived a very normal life. He’s got a good, (but not very upwardly-mobile) job as an IT help desk employee for nearly 10 years now. He’s got a longtime girlfriend in Terri, and he has a very stable life. But one day…it happens. He wakes up after having the strangest dream where everything in the world is just…right. Everything seems to work perfectly. There is NO war, there are NO labor disputes, there is NO gap between rich and poor. Somehow it all works. So, Brand decides to dedicate his life (and upend it in the process) to find out the solution that was the one difference in his dream.

2) It’s just like any other night for Harlan Andersen: Scour the net for jobs, find nothing, get angry and knock a couple creds off some big-wig account, celebrate the cash by the bottleful, and then sleep it off. When the net came down for 3 hours, crippling the economy in New Tokyo as the 24-hour always-at-work business economy fell to a screeching halt, Harlan was still sleeping. Hard. He never heard about “The Gestapo Complex”, and their leader “Mad Karl”. He never heard about their involvement. But when a suit in a Peugot limo with an incredible offer shake Harlan out of his stupor the next morning, Harlan’s nights will forever be changed.

and 3) That’s for you guys to figure out. 🙂

10 11 2009

I rather like the first idea. It’s very intriguing, and I would definitely read that book…..if only someone would write it……

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