9 02 2010

The Who SB44Still unsure of the mass-market appeal of downloadable content?  Think Rock Band and Guitar Hero are done spitting out song packs and extending their catalogs?  Think again…

If you watched the Super Bowl yesterday, or at the very least, watched the halftime show, you were treated to a pretty darn good medley of The Who’s greatest hits, performed pretty darn well (in this writer’s opinion, at least.)

Immediately after the game’s end, Harmonix put up “The Who Super Bowl S-Mashup” for download in their online track store for Rock Band 2.  Available on all three home consoles, the downloadable “track” will cost only $1.99 (a flat $2 for the Wii), and has some pretty high difficulty ratings (like most of the other “Who” tracks available already).

While I haven’t purchased the track yet, I am considering it, as the set was pretty good, and you can’t beat the value in terms of dollars to the length of the medley.

Including parts of songs like: “Pinball Wizard”, “Baba O’Riley”, “Who Are You” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, this is sure to please a lot of fans of The Who (myself included).

In my opinion, Classic Rock is underrepresented in the Rock Band music store (sure, it’s there, but there’s a treasure trove of songs yet to appear,) and this is a great compliment to the album/studio tracks available.  And again, that price is compelling.

Of course, this is not the actual live version as performed on stage.  There would be no way for them to create the beat-mapping and note tracking required in time to release in a timely manner.  However, The Who recorded the same medley just for the Rock Band folks at Harmonix, so you can be assured that the songs, the transitions, and the screams of YEAAAAAAHHHHHH! will be just as satisfying.

It will definitely be interesting to see how Harmonix responds to future opportunities like this.  One must assume that this specific track is a toe into the water of future “event” track downloads, so if this is piquing your interest, definitely grab this track now!

You can read more about this track, at the Rock Band site:

So what about you? Are you planning on picking up this track?  What do you think about this idea that special events will be chronicled through Rock Band (and one assumes, to stay competitive, Guitar Hero as well in the future)?




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9 02 2010

For 2 Bucks – that's really Good. What I won't like is creating an account and that hassle. It would be cool if you could download it via your computer (not the WII Console) and then burn a CD/DVD and insert it to play. None the less, $2 is worth the hassle.

9 02 2010
Larry Eisner

Honestly, other than the time it takes to download? I think that the Rock Band Music Store is one of the best things about the Wii, and part of the reason Rock Band 2 has as much value to me. The idea of Rock Band 2 being a platform, rather than simply the second entry into an annualized series (like Guitar Hero has become) makes it more valuable in the long-term, because it will constantly be updated with new content (should you choose to buy it, that is). I've already downloaded over 20 tracks, since I got the game in October, and I am not regretting a single purchase. Then again, I'm pretty crazy about Rock Band.

9 02 2010

In Sweden the sound got offset from the video during halftime by at least two seconds. Then they randomly skipped through parts of the songs. Still a good show though!

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