Christmas in February. 8-Bit Christmas, at least…

20 02 2009

8-Bit Jesus CD CaseSo I just got my physical copy of Dr. Octoroc’s 8-Bit Christmas and I’m loving the design of the case and the detail put into the artwork.  Excellent work all around.  You know I love the music, so I won’t go too much into that, but seriously, if you like chiptunes at all, or if you’re just a huge fan of the old NES days, you should get this album to dork out during the Christmas season.  

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Doctor Octoroc Needs Your Help!

18 12 2008

Hey there, readers!  Well, this is the kind of thing I have to admit, that I absolutely love the blogosphere (which is different from the Blagosphere)…when one blogger notices a problem with another blogger, and reaches out to help.

Ein - Doctor Octorocs puppy

Ein - Doctor Octoroc's puppy

So, any of you who checked out or downloaded Doctor Octoroc’s Christmastime “8-Bit Jesus” over at his site, Doc needs some assistance.  His six month old puppy, Ein, has gallstones (kidney or bladder stones?  I an not a doctor.  Good thing Octoroc is…) that are too large for him to pass, and therefore requires surgery.  No, Doc Oc is not asking for you to pay for the surgery.  Instead, he’s asking that if you liked the album, and if you were considering buying the physical copy, that he needs you to pay in advance, instead of when it comes out.  See, he doesn’t have the cash to create the CDs, but will with your contribution of $15.  So, it’s giving, yes.  And it’s giving during the holidays, in a sense of cameraderie and fellowship, but it’s also a two-fer, because on top of the sense of giving, you’ll also get the physical CD (with more tracks than listed on the site) of “8-Bit Jesus.”  You can read more about this situation and learn how to donate, by clicking this sentence.

So, let’s help a brother out, and take some pity on his dog, eh?  I can’t do it right now, but I plan on doing it after Christmas, when I’ve got a little more cash to spend.  Let’s support some cool chiptune interesting-ness (of course it’s a word!) and help someone out in the community as well!

Like Christmas? Dig Old-Skool Gaming?

8 12 2008


Jesus Saves! Everyone else needs to roll for damage.

Jesus Saves! Everyone else needs to roll for damage.

Then you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY have to get this free download from, called 8-Bit Jesus, which is all chiptune Christmas music in the theme of your favorite NES games.  My favorites thus far are “Carol of the Belmonts” and “Ryu the Red-Nosed Ninja.”  

Man, this is awesome.