Humpday Flash #4 – PowerPool

18 12 2008
PowerPool By NinjaKiwi

PowerPool By Ninja Kiwi

For this week’s flash goodness, I humbly give you PowerPool, presented by Kongregate and developed by Ninja Kiwi.  It’s a familiar game to anyone who has played pool on a console or web browser before, but with the square playing field, as well as some interesting “special balls”, it’s got some variety to it that is refreshing.  I was hooked!  Hope you enjoy it!  You can play PowerPool HERE, or by clicking the image above!


Which Games Would Be Better In First-Person?

25 11 2008
Street Fighter as an FPF (first-person fighter)?

Street Fighter as an FPF (first person shooter)??? has an opinion piece up that discusses their choices for five games that are played in third-person, that they think would be better in first-person.  You can check out the story here, but I think there are a couple more that would be good, if not great, as well.

Beyond that, in light of Halo Wars upcoming in February (supposedly), I’d like to tackle the opposite argument and discuss my picks for games that should be in 3rd person. Read the rest of this entry »

The Hook, The Carrot and The Final Blow

12 11 2008

Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m broke as heck.  Meaning, there’s absolutely no way that I can purchase that newest and awesome console or even game for a while until price drops.  Because of the cost (free) and because of the simplicity of play (any rig can do it), I’m a big fan of browser games (often, flash-based).

We’ve all played them at one point or another.  Be it ‘tower defense’ games, some ‘hold off the _____’ game (insert zombies, militia, bag clips, etc), simple shooters, or anything in between, browser games offer something to everyone.  And therein lies the hook.  Anyone can play, the time to play is often not much (at least for one game), and there’s nothing to buy, install or mess with.  

For me, I tried a lot of different sites for flash games.  I first went to  A great site, but more often than not, running some creator competition.  Which is great if you’re into games on a theme or willing to try some not so great games in order to see some truly inspired games.  But in general, I found too many “exit the room” clickfests, or too many Samarost-style find the pixel that changes the map-type of games.  In and of itself, a great site to check once in a while, but it didn’t work for my tastes.

Then, I found  A popular site, and one that had a lot of stuff I could play on my PC or on my Wii’s Opera browser.  This is a good site and has a lot of games in one place, with a decent ratings system.  

However, as soon as I heard of Kongregate, I was stuck for good.  

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