Madden Predicted The Win. Again.

8 02 2010
Well, Super Bowl XLIV is in the books, and the New Orleans Saints won by a score of 31 over the Indianapolis Colts’ 17.

Both in Madden and in RL, the Saints said "Sit Down" to the Colts

Every year since 2004, the folks at EA Sports who make the Madden NFL games run a simulation of the year’s championship game.  This year, with Madden NFL 10, they did indeed predict a Saints win (albeit by a much narrower score of 35-31).

So, what is the track record for the Madden simulations versus the reality of the Super Bowls of recent history?  That’s exactly what I decided to check out, and here is the information that I found:

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God on Monday Night Football

10 11 2008

It’s funny how politicians can be mocked for their public faith, or how one would NEVER expect to hear a high-powered CEO or something mentioning his relationship with Jesus as a reason for their solid business plan and quarterly earnings.  Yet sports seem to always give God a chance.   Read the rest of this entry »