RE5 Demo Drops Next Week…In Japan. (Sigh.)

27 11 2008


Chris Redfield just found out.  Hes a little angry.

Chris Redfield just found out. He's a little angry.

If you’re a fan of scary games, then you are certainly awaiting with baited breath (Which, actually sounds pretty gross when you think about it.  Baited breath?  Do you smell like worms and minnows? But I digress…) the release of Capcom’s newest in its perennial survival-horror series, Resident Evil 5.  However, those in the U.S. looking to get their hands on a demo will have to wait longer than thought previously, as the demo hitting the Xbox 360 next week is for Japan-only, says Earnest Cavalli, of Game|Life, over at

“‘You wish!’ wrote Chris Kramer, Capcom’s senior director of communications, in response to an e-mail I sent him this morning asking if we’d be granted the same demo promised to Japanese gamers in the latest issue of Famitsu.”

However, while we may have to wait longer than hoped for the demo, the game is still on target for the intended release date of Friday the 13th, in March of 2009.  As soon as a demo hits, however, keep your eyes here as this is a title I definitely plan on previewing and reviewing later on.


Left 4 Dead – Soooo Excited.

10 11 2008


So, those of you who follow enthusiast press sites like, IGN, or subscribe to Game Informer (why?), EGM, or the defunct Games For Windows Official Magazine, or even follow sites like, probably have heard of, and are likely excited for Left 4 Dead.

(trailer, as well as my thoughts, after the jump)

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