A Very Humpday Christmas Flash

26 12 2008

For your (belated) Christmas Humpday Flash selection, I bring you the latest in the WarBears saga: “WarBears Adventures: An A.R. Xmas,” from Kongregate.

Its a Very WarBears Christmas Special!

It's a Very WarBears Christmas Special!

The WarBears series has always meant good old-skool puzzle-solving, of the point-and-click-adventure type, and this shorter, holiday themed game is no different. There’s a couple of cheat-y moments that you just have to kind of hunt around, but that’s par for the course for this genre of game. I highly recommend playing all of the series (They’re all good, and well written) but to whet your appetite, definitely try out this Christmas episode! Merry Christmas everyone!


Late (Okay, Extremely Late) Humpday Flash!

12 12 2008

I completely forgot on the day with all the great post ideas flying around in my head, so today, I present to you what I should have presented on Wednesday (and don’t worry, there will be another one on this upcoming Wednesday!!!

Mud and Blood 2 keeps sucking me back in!

Mud and Blood 2 keeps sucking me back in!

So I present to you for your casual gaming pleasure (although if you’re good, it WILL take a long time, even over half an hour): Mud and Blood 2: Small Squad Tactics over from Kongregate!

Humpday Flash #1 – Manifold

26 11 2008

Just in time to get you through the troubled waters of another Wednesday, comes a new feature to OtakuDad… HUMPDAY FLASH!!!!  Okay, so it will be one game that you should be able to complete (or at least be able to save your progress) in a normal lunch hour, and offer some challenge.  

First off, is Manifold.  It’s short, but it’s got a cool mechanic.  I can’t wait for Manifold 2: Manifold HARDER!!*

Manifold – Create gravity wells and get to the exit

*This is entirely fiction.  But it would be cool.