Left 4 Dead Impressions

15 11 2008

 I’ve already mentioned quite a bit on this game, so I’ll try to keep my  impressions brief, and on point. This squad-based, intrinsically  teamwork-oriented shooter, set in the midst of a zombie  apocalypse, is primarily an online, cooperative game.  It was  designed for you to play with people, and to work with those people  to the benefit of your squad of survivors.  To their credit, Valve has  done an amazing job mixing up the shooter elements, the visceral  tension of the scenario, and the balance between individual success and teamwork mindset. Read the rest of this entry »


Left 4 Dead Demo Impressions

12 11 2008
Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

Before I start with anything, this will be a work in progress.  My home computer cannot handle the game well due to only having onboard graphics as well as very low RAM.  So, my impressions will thus far be based upon the opening movie, the options, and the VERY jenky, VERY low framerate gameplay.

First off, I LOVE IT!  Even with a computer that makes it look like a one-fingered man is trying to use a flip-book to show me the game, and with all textures and resolutions on six-feet-under-low… This game is fun.  I mean really fun.

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Had to tell you…

12 11 2008

I’m currently just under 10% downloaded for the Left 4 Dead Demo.  I’ll try to add my thoughts later this week.