Hell, Heresy and the Holy Bible

12 12 2008


I can feel the tension already...

I can feel the tension already...

First off, to those of you who tuned in to hear the discussion about video games that are violent, that swear often, or that generally you wouldn’t want to play with your pastor?  That’s coming.  Don’t worry.  I still have a lot to say about it, and I’m excited to write it.  But something has come up and I feel it is of more importance and interest for right now…Perhaps tomorrow I will write the other post.  Stay tuned for that.  However, even if you typically only read my blog for the gaming news, it’s still a worthwhile topic, and I would love for you to chime in on it.  

Now, back to what I came to write.

I finished listening to This American Life‘s most recent podcast, entitled “Heretics,” but minutes ago.  The story is about an influential evangelical preacher, named Carlton Pearson, who as of a couple years ago, started to doubt the existence of hell as presented in the Bible.  Now this is a man who has committed his entire life to preaching and spreading the gospel.  All of his life he was taught that there is a heaven where those who accept Christ go, and a hell for those who do not.  Hell is a fiery, terrible place with weeping and gnashing of teeth, and it is eternal torment.  

Now, before I continue, allow me to preface what I will continue writing:

1) When I write this, it is not to convince anyone.  I don’t expect (nor do I want) you to believe what I say because I say it.  I have no authority to do that, nor should I.

2) What I write, you may agree with or you may not.  I don’t hate on you on this blog, so don’t be hating on me in the comments.  I’m all for vigorous discussion about the topic, but by posting a comment, you agree to discuss the issue, not the people writing the comments.  I mean, if you need to, feel free to flame me up and down.  I can take it.  I mean, I’m writing about it. 🙂  But don’t stifle someone just because they disagree with what you say.  Let’s discuss it like adults and pray that the truth is made clear.  (Because after all, it will set you free.)

3) Before you read this, you really should do yourself a favor and (if you want to comment, even though I’d love it regardless, you really NEED to) hear the This American Life piece first.  You can download it (or just click to listen to it) HERE.  I’m going to present some of the information, but really, this discussion really only works if you know what I’m talking about.  And This American Life is really a wonderful show in general.  I recommend it anyway, regardless of their topic, as it’s presented well, and always entertains.  Seriously, did you click the link yet?  Do it.  Now.

Okay, that said, let’s dig in.

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Podcast Listening – What OtakuDad Listens To

10 11 2008

So, I’m a big podcast fan.  Actually, let me preface this with this statement: I used to be a talk radio fan.  WGN (720AM) to be specific.

So, when audio podcasts came along, I was right on board with the discussion formats, with the length of shows (up to one hour as a standard), and more importantly, I was excited about the topics, because the topics were things that would NEVER be covered on traditional radio.

Video gaming was a huge beneficiary to this genre of entertainment, as enthusiast sites and amateurs began to produce some great material, as well as develop a ‘signature voice’ and, by extension, a following attuned to that voice.

So, without further ado, allow me to list a couple podcasts that I frequent, as well as some reasoning behind why I think that you should listen, if you do not already… (Note: All of these podcasts are available through iTunes, but I will direct you to their main page or RSS pages.) Read the rest of this entry »