Flash Week!

2 03 2009

No, not that kind of flash, you perverts!!!  Browser-based games!

Since it’s been a while since I’ve updated my “Humpday Flash” posts, I figured I’d highlight a game every day of this week for your freeloading gaming pleasure.

Today’s game is quite complex and long for a browser game, and had me hooked well past the “badge” achievements over at Kongregate (and if you play it today (March 2) you can get a possible entry into a contest where you can win a copy of Halo Wars!!!)

I present thee with Battalion: Nemesis!

It’s a strategy RPG (in the hex-based tradition) with land, air and sea units available to you.  While it’s complex for a flash game, it’s more of a time-sink than a truly deep game.  It’s definitely fun, (and the dialogue is snarky and pokes fun at the genre) but the latter stages are really more wars of attrition than actual strategy sessions.  But overall, a great game for free and one I’d recommend checking out, to be sure.  Enjoy!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

26 12 2008

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. It’s been a crazy week or so, between working on a couple videos for the church, as well as of course, Christmas with my wife’s family, my brothers/brother’s wives and kids/mom/dad, my extended family, and of course, my own wife and kids!

But now I’m back, and (SO VERY) happy to say that I’m going to be building a new computer. I’m super excited for the opportunity (thanks mostly to my mom and dad for providing my most requested gift, Fry’s gift cards, and some other Christmas fundage!)

My New Computer (Man, I miss the Apple IIe days)

My New Computer (Man, I miss the Apple IIe days)

So, OtakuDad needs your help!  Let’s build the best rig (my) money can buy! (Details on specifications/requirements after the jump!)

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Gentlemen (and Ladies), Start Your Gaming Rigs!

1 12 2008


Its ultra-portable.

It's an ultra-portable PC.

Vroom, Vroom, indeed. 🙂


Being “Cyber Monday” (a term which certainly will be looked back upon in disgust and shame once our robotic overlords reign from their underground lairs), you can obtain some really good deals online today for upgrading your gaming (or resurrect your craptastic) rig to play some of the more difficult games, system-spec wise. 

OtakuDad recommends Newegg (year-round, but today especially), and Amazon.com has some pretty decent motherboard deals going on now.  As far as brick-and-mortar stores, I am a big fan of Fry’s Electronics (for the prices, not the pressure-y salesmen), and Micro Center (always good deals there as well). 

Also, having built and modded-slash-upgraded a handful of computers now, if you have any questions on building a rig for any purpose, drop me a comment or an email, and I’d be happy to help you decide between a couple different components!  (Or just nudge you in the right direction to get you moving, too!)

Happy start of the Advent season too!


Edit: I also want to make sure you know I’m not working or paid by any of these people…I just want to spread the word on deals that I would get, if I had money. 🙂  In that same vein, I got an email with this about Amazon’s upcoming video game sale: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=pe_23970_10841670_st_img_1/?docId=1000304231.  I have no idea if it’s worth checking out or not, but I figured I’d pass it along.  We’ll check it out when it’s live tomorrow. 

Humpday Flash #1 – Manifold

26 11 2008

Just in time to get you through the troubled waters of another Wednesday, comes a new feature to OtakuDad… HUMPDAY FLASH!!!!  Okay, so it will be one game that you should be able to complete (or at least be able to save your progress) in a normal lunch hour, and offer some challenge.  

First off, is Manifold.  It’s short, but it’s got a cool mechanic.  I can’t wait for Manifold 2: Manifold HARDER!!*

Manifold – Create gravity wells and get to the exit

*This is entirely fiction.  But it would be cool.